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HitTrax Rental

HIt Trax Time Cost
Cage Rental 60 minutes $30.00

Whats new with the HitTrax

#1 - the defense moves and actually makes the play based on age level.
#2 - new fields for softball - A&M Softball, University of Arizona, University of Minnesota.
#3 - new fields for baseball - BYU, Georgia Tech University. LSU, University of Michigan, Vanderbilt University

HitTrax League

The HitTrax League will consist of 4 - 8 teams and will play on Friday Nights or Sunday.  Each team will play two games a week.  The team fee for the 4 weeks is $160.00. 

New Brighton Facility

Team Fees

Teams will be made up of 3, 4 or 5 players. Cost per team is $160.00.
Individual fee is $40.00 and we will find other individuals to make a team.

Game Rules
:30 minute game or 6 innings.
8 run per inning max.

All players must use their own bat and helmet.

Incoming Speeds and Competition Level
* Pitching Machine set to age level
* The field adjusts to each age,  younger teams can play against older teams and compete.  The HitTrax sets the defensive skill age appropriate.

The last week is a playoff format.